Welcome to STRIVEERA

We are driven by our values in everything we do which reflect the enduring character of STRIVEERA and their people.



At STRIVEERA, strive healthy life is our message as we innovate every day for a healthier world through taming the natural resources to get the most efficient and safest products.


To be the market leader all over the world in serving millions of patients with innovative, safe and affordable products.



We are driven by our values in everything we do which reflect the enduring character of Strivera and their people.


Our Strategy

We believe Striveera is well equipped with the highest standards of technology to meet aging population, world imperative need for safer medications and the continuously healthcare provider’s needs. Our mission is clear, strong culture, powerful values, all of this will support our strategy.

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Our Strategy is to strive use nature-based innovation to deliver solutions for the patients, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and healthcare providers all over the world with new era of disease management.

Nature-based innovation

We maintain substantial investment in research and de­­velopment (R&D) aimed at new era of medical needs for efficient healthier medications. Our natural products support the need of managing the most popular diseases without the wooden spoon of available chemical medications.

Our product pipeline is fed by a research and development to continuously support the patients with promising natural products.

World imperative needs

As we know that there is a continuously increase in chemical medications every day, we understand the imperative need of the world is to get rid of medications side effects, adverse drug reactions and maintain people health and immunity.

From this point, Striveera and their partners innovate every day 100% natural products to serve millions of patients suffering from popular diseases helping enrich their lives with unique products.

New era of disease management

As immunity system is the front defense line, our new era of disease management is to empower the immune system through a magic blend of natural elements which counter the disease symptoms and support cure.

Because of Striveera and their partners didn’t use any chemical additions in manufacturing process, today there is no suffering from chemical additives side effects We work hard to support the world with more and more promising projects aiming to get a healthier world.

OUR Purpose

OUR Purpose

Providing innovative high technology solutions for millions of patients worldwide. We do this by creating 100% natural high quality, safe and affordable products


  • Striveera is an American international pharmaceutical company founded in Delaware, USA April.2018.